We specialize in weddings, and life events prior to the wedding.  We assist with proposals, engagement parties, bridal showers, and most importantly the biggest day of your life!  We assist couples all up & down the east coast. We want you're once in a lifetime planning experience to be fun and stress-free. Together we will help bring your vision for your wedding to life, creating a mesmerizing experience that you and your guests will never forget.



Full-service wedding planning starts 1 year prior to your wedding day. We help you take all the stress & responsibility off your plate by providing full-service wedding planning and design for your big day!  We assist you in choosing your vendors, help with the budget, time management, event design, site visits, unlimited consultations, and so much more in between.


This option starts 6 months prior to your big day.  It is for those who have the planning under complete control but need help finalizing the last minute month before details.  We specialize in getting the logistics in order for how your day is going flow, contact all vendors to make sure all final details are confirmed and assist with the day of your wedding.


This option starts 6 weeks prior to your big day! Now, you've done all the planning for your wedding, but need help with the day itself! With Day of Wedding Planning, we assist with the setup/supervise the setup, make sure everything goes where it should, and no details are missed. We are there to make sure everything runs smoothly from the ceremony to the reception.



This option is for those who need the design inspiration for their big day, and dont know where to begin.  We assist you in bringing your vision to life! From helping you choose your color scheme to picking linens, right down to the plates!  We do not miss a beat, and we make sure every element of the design you desire is brought to life!

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